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The Isles of Scilly - August 2019

C-Life Ltd invite you to an exclusive week dive holiday in the Isle of Scilly lying 30 miles WSW of the Cornwall coast. Diving prestine reefs from 15-40m and WW wrecks.

Each island has its own unique character, charms, and adventures. Explore a variety of beaches, discover different eateries, uncover unusual flora ... each island offers its own treasure trove of adventures and experiences!

Ideal trip for recreational divers using air.

The Scilly Isles has probably got more ship wrecks per square mile than any other place on earth with some 530 registered wrecks, and its relative remoteness, 20 miles of the Cornish coast, lends the islands an old world charm that is very beguiling.


August 2019

St Martins

The third largest of the Isles of Scilly, St. Martin's is remarkably natural and unspoilt, with gorse-covered moorland, flower fields and sweeps of white, fine sand beaches. St Martin's has a gallery, a gift shop, and a flowers-by-post service at Churchtown Farm.


St Mary's

Is the largest and most populated of the Isles of Scilly. Consequently it also has the most facilities. Small supermarket, other shops offering a wide range of foodstuffs. There are 4 pubs all serving lunch and dinner plus many cafes and restuarants with locally caught fish.


Pint-sized, but perfectly formed! Pint-sized, but perfectly formed!

Scilly Tourism Site

The Wreck Diving

On October 22nd 1707, some 4 years after "The Great Storm", a squadron of ships commanded by Sir Clowdisley Shovell sailed straight into the Scilly Isles in a storm. One of the greatest maritime disasters of all time is being commemorated on Scilly Isles. Four man-o-war were lost, the biggest of which was the Association with 90 guns, a second rate of the line. These are known as the Association wrecks, as the flagship was HMS Association. The three others were the Eagle, Firebrand and Romney. Wrecked in various parts of the Scilly Isles they have been heavily salvaged back in the 1970's and are protected wrecks. The disaster led Parliament to look for a solution to the problem of longitude, solved in 1772.


  • HMS Association- Wrecked 22/10/1707 She was part of Sir Cloudesley Shovell's English Fleet that took part in the seige of Toulon and ran aground on the Gilstone Ledges near Bishop Rock - with others - after they mistook Scilly for the mouth of the English Channel.
  • HMS Eagle - Depth 4-30m. As above
  • HMS Romney - As above
  • HMS Firebrand - Depth 8-25m. As above.
  • Cita - Sank 26th March 1997, master Jerzey Wojtkow, a feeder container ship of 3,083-tons gross, from Southampton to Belfast with a general cargo drove ashore at full speed on a reef of rocks at Porth Hellick.
  • King Cadwollan - sank 22nd July 1906 , master George Mowat, a Glasgow steamship of 3,275-tonnes gross, BArry to Naples with 5,043 tons of coal and a crew of27, struck Hard Lewis in fog and became a total loss. Her crew escaped in a their own boats and reached St.Mary's.
  • The Mando - Sank 21st January 1955, master Syras Svoronoss, a Panamanian motor vessel, built as a US. Liberty ship Stepas Darius, carrying 9,000 tons of coal from Hampton Roads to Rotterdam, struck on Golden Ball Bar at 8:30pm in fog after suffering an engine breakdwon when 120 miles west of Scilly.
  • The Plymton and Hathor - Sank 14th August 1909, master A.Stewart, a London steamship of 2,869-tons gross, Rosario via Falmouth for Dublin with maize, struck the Lethegus Reef at 8am in dense fog. Her 23 crew and one passenger landed by boat on St.Agnes. That afternoon, whilst several islanders were on board engaged in the traditional pastime of 'wrecking', she suddenley slipped off the rocks without warning, turned over and partially sank, drowning Charles Hicks and Charles Mumford. Some of her cargo was saved before she dissapeared.
  • The Italia - Sank 13th May 1917, master C.Aicario, an Italian steamer of Spezia, 2,792-tons gross, built as the Gulf of Florida, coal laden from Cardiff to Taranto, which went ashore on the Wingletang Legge in fog at 3.30pm. A girl on St.Agnes was the only witness to the wreck, but by the time she called others to the scene it had already gone down in deep water. The 23 crew landed on the island, but non of them spoke English and none of the islanders Italian, so the vessels identity remained unknown in the islands until after the war. Her 60mm stern gun was salvaged in 1964, her bell in 1976, which bore her original name still, and date of building, 1891.
  • And many more, all dives here are in the 15-45m range.


The Reef Diving

Gilstone Reef - 8-23m. Pinnacle with a dense plastering of closed orange & yellow plumose anemones.

Tortoise Rock - 17-70m. Pinnacle with vertical walls, big drop offs, tons of marine life, unpredictable currents, and a deeper profile

Trenemene Reef - 0-40m. Wall Dive with granite outcrops sitting vertically to 6-10m above the surface then vertically below the water line as a shear drop to 40m. Seals can be spotted at a 15m shelf.


More wreck and reef site information to come......

Plan of Action

B&B Fri night in Penzance. Catch Ferry Saturday at 9am 6 Days of diving offered including B&B. Catch ferry home the following Sat 3pm. Boat charter is for a maximum of 12 divers. You might want to book a B&B for Sat return evening as we don't get to Penzance until 6pm and it takes about 1hr to get luggage and dive kit from container.

How do I get to the Isles of Scilly?

From Chislehurst its 307 miles and usually no less than 5hrs 30mins drive time. Head for the M5 to Exeter then follow the A30 exit for Launceston, Bodmin to Penzance, either drive over night if you live relatively near or plan a B&B / travel lodge in or near Penzance, before the Ferry which usually departs early Saturday morning.

How long does it take to get to Scilly?

It is a 42 mile ferry trip from Penzance and a 2.25 hour cruise along the picturesque Cornish coast past Lands End and over to the Islands, the views are stunning often catching sight of porpoise’s sharks and dolphins along the way, or you may just like to knap after the drive but do not miss the initial view of the islands on arrival, this can be quite spectacular. The Scillonian lll is relatively comfortable with several decks, she carries 600 passengers, has two buffets and a bar plus loads of seats and benches if you want to get your head down. Cost is about £47 per person each way.

Ferry timetable

Or you can fly to the Isles of Scilly on Skybus from Lands End, Newquay & Exeter Airports


Where do we leave our vehicles in Penzance?

Several options, there is a long stay car park just along from the Scillonian ferry and several other lock up car parks. It is best to ask for details when booking the ferry which operates under the name of the 'Isles of Scilly Steamship Company', they have an office 50 metres from the docks.

What do we do with our diving kit at the ferry?

At the docks you need to locate the St. Mary's diving container presuming you have opted for this arrangement, and deposit your 2 cylinders, weights, dive kit bags etc in the container marked MOONSHADOW at 7am as you will need to park your vehicles no later than 7.45am.

What do we do with personal bags suit-case’s?

Once you have dropped off your dive kit including full cylinders at 8am container marked MOONSHADOW, take your Personal baggage to the normal passenger container (2 x 25kg bag) clearly labelled with your name and accommodation, there is no charge for personal baggage, this will be delivered by Island Carriers to your B/B or let for a small charge, about £1.50/bag and you just walk off the quay and enjoy the rest of the day, without the stress of standing around for an hour in the crowd trying to find your case. You are allowed one hand luggage bag weighing max 3kg.

CCR Divers

You can take enough 02 on the ferry to cover your weeks diving. We can NOT obtain Nitrox or 100% 02 fills, just air fills.


Initially we have two twin rooms with breakfast and two self catering flats in same building to accommodate 8 people. Once we have more people booking other B&B accommodation will be sourced. If you request to book your own accommodation please request this otherwise we can arrange your separate location.

Quick Facts

  • Average Water Temp: 15c
  • Average Air Temp: 20c
  • Average Visibility: 10-15m
  • Good for: Reefs, Seals & Wrecks
  • Suitable for beginners: Yes with Advanced Open Water


Combine wrecks with reefs and seal encounters in a single holiday.


Advanced Open Water with 30+ logged dives plus Deep certifications ideal.

Specialty courses can be taught on trip such as Deep, Wreck, Enriched Air, Peak Performance Buoyancy, Boat, Drift and many more.



Accommodation, Breakfast (or self catering), container, and diving


Air Fills


Pony Air Fills


Deposit payable C-Life Ltd*


Non Club Members Rate Supplement


All you need to do now is contact the office for the booking forms and return;

£150 Deposit required payable to C-Life Ltd. Scuba Kit may also be hired through C-Life. Balance required 10 weeks prior to departure.

*PLEASE NOTE - If you cancel your booking it is up to you to  find someone to take your space. Taking out holiday insurance to cover this and other possibilities is highly recommended and is your responsibility.