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Scuba Review / ReActivate

A Scuba Review is highly advisable and recommended by PADI if you have not dived for six months or longer. As a qualified diver you understand how you enjoyed scuba mostly when relaxed and confident. Without diving reguarly your practical and mental scuba skills become 'rusty'.


C-Life offer a special Scuba Review Course which is split into two sections. Theory and pool. At home you complete a short Tune-Up Workbook and answer questions (Answers in the back!). We meet, check if the Tune-Up workbook gave you any problems with refreshing your theory, (not ususally) over a coffee for 20mins. Then straight into the pool covering the 20 basic scuba skills over 2hrs.The lesson takes 2:30hrs or until you are suitably confident to go diving.


Whats Included:


  • Tune-Up Guidebook
  • Review Sticker
  • Instruction (usually one-on-one) 20-30mins theory review
  • Full kit and 1-2hr pool skills review

















£85 or £65 for Club Members.


ReActivate Program

We can also offer the new PADI program called ReActivate and soon we will not be able to offer the traditional Scuba Review program.

Currently we can offer either as its not compulsory to use ReActivate yet.


ReActivate Description

Online theory and certificate, 1hr pool session covering basic skills inc kit, and a replacement card stating ReActivate Status.


Cost £85


Midweek and Saturday Dates 2018 at - Biggin Hill Pool

  • Sat 13th October - meet 3:30pm finish 6pm
  • Sat 3rd November - meet 3:30pm finish 6pm
  • Sat 1st December - meet 3:30pm finish 6pm


Midweek and weekend Dates 2018 at - The Glass Mill Leisure Centre - Lewisham

  • Sat 1st September - meet 1:30pm finish 4pm
  • Sun 2nd September - meet 12:30pm finish 3pm
  • Sun 14th October - meet 12:30pm finish 3pm
  • Sun 4th November - meet 12:30pm finish 3pm
  • Sun 2nd December - meet 12:30pm finish 3pm



Thursday evenings at Crystal Palace 5m deep pool - Crystal Palace Leisure Centre

  • Thursday 30th August - meet 7:30pm finish 9pm
  • Thursday 25th October - meet 7:30pm finish 9pm
  • Thursday 29th November - meet 7:30pm finish 9pm


N.B. These dates may change during the year, please contact for more information. We can offer midweek options too.


How to Book -


Complete these Three Forms;

  1. Form 10074
  2. Medical
  3. Scuba Review/ReActivate Booking Form