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Master Seal Team Specialty Aquamissions

The second part is full of Specialty AquaMissions. These are really cool dives that teach the kids different scuba activities. The following are the Speciality missions they can complete: Creature ID, Inner Space, Night, Search & Recovery, Snapshot, Environmental, Navigation, Safety, Skin Diver, Wreck. Once you have completed 10 of the speciality missions you are awarded the PADI Master Seal Certificate and you become a PADI Master Seal Team Member. WOW !!!


  • PADI Master Seal Team is a fun pool-only experience
  • PADI Master Seal Team is conducted by certified, trained PADI Professionals
  • PADI Master Seal Team is a fun activity for both boys and girls ages 8 and above
  • PADI Master Seal Team helps children learn responsibility
  • PADI Master Seal Team teaches children about the aquatic environment

PADI Master Seal Team AquaMissions and activities usually last about an 45-60mins each session.


How Much will it Cost?

£450 inc


What will my child receive when finished?

  • Wall certificate
  • Lapel Pin
  • Master Seal Team Certification Card


What's included in the Price?

All course materials, certification and equipment plus wetsuit.


What Times are available?

Biggin Hill - 10mins pre-dive briefing and 1hr pool session between Saturday afternoon

Glass Mill - Lewisham - 10mins pre-dive briefing and 1hr pool session between Sunday afternoon



Midweek and Saturday Dates 2019 at - Biggin Hill Pool - meet 5:45pm finish 7pm

  • Sat 12th January
  • Sat 2nd February
  • Sat 2nd March
  • Sat 6th April
  • Sat 4th May
  • Sat 1st June
  • Sat 6th July
  • Sat 3rd August
  • Sat 31st August
  • Sat 5th October
  • Sat 2nd November
  • Sat 30th November


Midweek and weekend Dates 2019 at - The Glass Mill Leisure Centre - Lewisham - meet 1:45pm finish 3pm

  • Sun 13th January
  • Sun 3rd February
  • Sun 3rd March
  • Sun 7th April
  • Sun 5th May
  • Sun 2nd June
  • Sun 7th July
  • Sun 4th August
  • Sun 1st September
  • Sun 6th October
  • Sun 3rd November
  • Sun 1st December


N.B. These dates may change during the year, please contact for more information.


What Can I do after?

Once you are 10yrs old you can enrol onto our PADI Junior Open Water Diver Course, and further PADI Specialty Courses.













PADI Master Seal Team Specialty Aquamissions


Creature ID Specialist

  • Learn how to identify aquatic animals.
  • Learn how these animals move, swim or push themselves through the water.
  • Identify aquatic creatures
  • New hand signals for aquatic creatures


Environmental Specialist

  • Here you play the role of a scientist, practice, search for and uncover the secrets of pollution
  • By knowing these skills you will help you protect the environment both above and below the
  • Swim feet high, head low search position
  • Underwater clean-up of rubbish carefully placed in the pool using a search pattern


Inner Space Specialist

  • Here you will learn how to hover in the water just like an Astronaut.
  • We have a special space capsule for you to build underwater and then practice your buoyancy around it
  • Fin pivots
  • Hovering


Navigation Specialist

  • Here you'll learn to measure distances underwater and how to not get lost when diving!
  • Underwater compass practice
  • Measure distances by counting kick cycles


Night Specialist

  • Here you will find diving in the dark exciting and fun, the parents will wonder what's going on as all they can see are your lights.
  • This is one of the greatest dives to do with your buddies and it's super cool.
  • We will show you how to signal your buddy underwaterat night
  • And YES the whole pool is in the dark for this one.


Safety Specialist

  • Here you will learn how to help and care for your fellow buddy if they get into trouble.
  • Predive safety check
  • Cramp removal of yourself and your buddy
  • Throw a rescue line or float to a buddy in need
  • Surface buoyancy of yourself and your buddy
  • Rescue tow a buddy


Search & Recovery Specialist

  • Here you'll learn how to search a lost item and bring it safely to the surface.
  • Search for a lost item on pool bottom using special search patterns
  • Remove an object from pool bottom by using lift bag and your octopus


Skin Diver Specialist

  • This is the only session where you will not be in scuba however good snorkelling skills are an essential part of diving
  • Practice snorkel, mask and fins adjustment
  • Snorkel swim on surface without using your hands
  • Blast clearing your snorkel
  • Removing water from your mask
  • Control your direction while swimming on the surface and duck diving


Snapshot Specialist

  • Learn how to take really cool underwater photographs of your buddies underwater and then show them to all your friends
  • Take pictures underwater and how to get some special effects


Wreck Specialist

  • Ever wondered what it might be like to explore a sunken wreck?
  • We will show you how to assemble a wreck underwater then explore it carefully avoiding potential hazards ( the hazards are not real for this exercise)
  • Practice good buoyancy control
  • Measure and map the wreck whilst underwater


N.B. These dates may change during the year, please call for more information.


How to Book -

Complete these Two forms;

  1. Seal Team Statement
  2. Master Seal Team Booking Form - If you state YES to any questions please contact.