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Due to COVID-19 we currently deliver Theory via Skype Presentations or via eLearning. We are teaching courses from Advanced Open Water upwards and many Speciality Courses. All qualified divers are welcome to join us for fun diving and practice.

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About PSA

PSAI (Professional Scuba Association International) is one of the oldest scuba instructional training agencies in the world, originally founded by Hal Watts (CEO) in mid 1980's. PSAI was the first internationally recognisd agency to establish training guidelines for extended range recreational diving. For many years it was a small, specialized organisation that was predominantly involved with diver training associated with extended range, and deep air diving, . Joe Odom resigned from TDI in 2004 and became the Chairman of PSA in November 2004. PSA offers a wealth of training courses aimed at divers wishing to go beyond the limits of recreational diving. From nitrox and decompression diving to trimix and rebreathers.

Aims and objectives of PSA International

  • Performance Based Training
  • Education through knowledge, Safety & Integrity

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