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Open Water Sidemount Diver Course

The Professional Scuba Association International’s Open Water Sidemount Diving course is designed to teach divers to properly use twin cylinders in sidemount configuration for open water diving activities. It will discuss the configuration and the peripheral equipment, as well as accessories and maintenance.

Video showing the type of diving open to you as a Sidemount Diver

Course Objectives and Qualifications

This course provides the necessary information for a PSAI Open Water Sidemount Diver to:

  1. Determine appropriate equipment and configuration for sidemount diving in the open water environment.
  2. Demonstrate proper gas management by performing regulator switches appropriately.
  3. Understand and explain the strengths and limitations associated with the sidemount system employed by the student.

A diver that successfully completes this PSAI Open Water Sidemount Diver program will be qualified to:

  1. Set-up and configure side mount equipment.
  2. Plan and conduct sidemount dives in open water in environments and conditions that

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  • Open Water Diver or equivalent
  • 18yrs or older
  • Min 25 logged dives
  • Enriched Air certified

Course Cost

  • £275 - Add £70 to have PADI Sidemount added - Dual passport

Course Schedule

  • Day 1 - Morning theory afternoon pool for Skills assessment
  • Day 2-3 - 3 open water dives.
  • The minimum bottom time of these combined dives shall be no less than 75 minutes. Only on dive 3 may staged decompression be planned provided that the student has the proper certification for staged decompression techniques.

Course Dates


Places strictly limited to a max of (6) students per Instructor.

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