Team Building - First Aid

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Team Building - First Aid

Team Building - First Aid

Team Building - First Aid

Team Building - First Aid

Team Building - First Aid

  • Do you want to give your staff a great experience together?
  • Do you want to do something exciting for them that at the same time helps all corporate levels to work together as true team players?

Well, here's a unigue opportunity for your company to do just that!


Emergency First Response program is not only a thrilling, life changing experience for the indvidual employee - its also a powerful team experience that significantly improves the way your staff work together and solve tasks.

First Aid Team Building with Emergency First Response....

EFR (Emergency First Response) is the fastest growing international CPR (Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation), AED (Automated External Defibrilation) and first aid training organisation. The basic Emergency First Response course is a team building experience, which introduces your team to the excitement of being able to learn new skills in a relaxed manner as individuals and as a team. We offer many other EFR programs.

Benefits of Your team being First Aiders...

People are always interested in First Aid as a life skill be it for the layperon or as a Appointed Person At Work. Some interest lies in other hobbies people have which encourage First Aid training and working with Children. We have a full range of Emergency Response programs to choose from, and hear are a few suggestions;

    EFR programs contributes a strong and effective team. It can also be a very good way to make your staff share a hobby outside of work, which strengthens social connections, loyalty and the feeling of responsibility towards co-workers and organisations. In general, First Aid as a team building activity can identify a team's strength and weaknesses. It can improve morale, group dynamics, creativity and communication skills. First Aid is great for developing the joint problem solving skills of your staff, because it's like nothing they've ever done before. First Aid lets your staff enter a differenet world where the roles you normally play are put aside and you feel renewed, excited and energised. First Aid sparks curiosity which again sparks creativity by immersing you in a new sensations and experiences. It really transforms your perception of life and work.

    Special Corporate Offer...

    Getting your staff involved in First Aid for the first time is a great value for money for you as a leader. Your EFR Instructor is a highly trained and experienced professional, and the experience will give your staff an interest they can learn a lot more from and enjoy together for the rest of their lives. And remember:

    Please contact for customised groups rates.