Scapa Flow



Scapa Ship Gun

Dive Deck

Scapa Flow in Orkney  

2 dives a day in the 25-40m range. With 15m Visibility on average, these historically important intact remains of the scuttled German Fleet of U-boats, steamers, tugs and Churchill's extraordinary 'Blockships' is within most divers top FIVE dive sites worldwide to dive. Suitable for both Recreational Divers with Advanced (30m) and Deep certification (40m), Drysuit with EanX. And also suitable for Technical OC/CCR Rebreather Divers


Sunday 17th August - Saturday 23rd August 2025 - 

The Boat - MV Huskyan

Built for divers in 2015.



  • Large open plan galley & saloon
  • Lounge seating
  • 240-volt power & charging points
  • 2 x wide screen TV & media facilities
  • Heated wet changing room/kit store with individual drysuit hanging
  • Equipment preparation work bench
  • Shower Room
  • Customer toilet & wash hand basin


  • Large dry Changing room with individual lockers & bag storage
  • Bathroom
  • Cabins for overnight adventures & afternoon snoozes


  • Large 33m² dive deck
  • Spacious dive benches
  • Under-bench gear gulper storage
  • 2 x booster pumps
  • 2 x large dive compressors
  • Load tested, extra wide, stainless steel diver lift
  • Guerra Hydraulic Crane – we crane your dive gear aboard


  • Perfect place to relax and enjoy the view


  • 6 bedrooms
  • 5 bathrooms
  • Spacious open plan living space
  • Large kitchen diner equipped for 12
  • Washing machine & tumble dryer
  • Designated diver equipment charging station
  • Outdoor equipment store and drying room with charging facilities

Travelling to Scapa and Orkney

This is the most popular and most practical way to get to Orkney, is drive and catch the ferry accross. The route is Scrabster to Stromness. It is advisable to book in advance.

Tel: 01856 851144



There are a number of other less convenient ways to get this far north, including flying or take the train. Or even combine the two as the train journey from Scotland can be much cheaper than the second flight up. The best source of info is Orkney Tourist Board website.

Ferry Times and details - Cost for two people in a van (i.e C-Life Van) no higher 2m Length 4.892m is £211.40 (2023 Price).

You do need to pre-book these ferry crossings.

  • Outward Journey from Scrabster to Stromness
    • Sunday Depart 13.15 Arrive 14.45
  • Return Journey from Stromness to Scrabster;
    • Saturday Depart time options Depart 08:15 Arrive 10:45, or later times.

Flights from London Heathrow to Kirkwall via Inverness  - Cost around £600 (2023 price). Gatwick and other airports available

  • Outward Journey from Heathrow to Kirkwall via Inverness
    • 08:45 arrive 13:50 - many other options available
  • Return Journey from Kirkwall to Heathrow
    • 07:35 - 12:05 - many other options available

The Diving

Scapa Flow has been used as an anchorage since the days of the Vikings, and through two world wars. Situated on the north East coast of Scotland it is a large expanse of water surrounded by a ring of Islands known as the Orkney Isles. Scapa Flow is a natural harbour providing shelter to the worse of the weather, being blown out on a dive is rare, and Scapa Flow is with out doubt the finest wreck diving location in the UK. And here's why

On the 21st June 1919 Admiral Von Reuter ordered the high seas German Fleet to scuttle. This consisted of 74 ships being sent to the depths of Scapa Flow, 10 battle ships 6 battle cruisers 8 light cruisers and 50 destroyers. Out of the 74 ships 52 went to the bottom and 22 were beached or saved by armed naval boarding parties. Salvage operations by Messrs Cox and Danks and later by Metal Industries ltd and Scapa Salvage raised 45 ships.

The German fleet wrecks are great diving no doubt of that but that's not all what Scapa is about. We have scrap sites from previously salvaged ships, and block ships in shallow fast tidal waters. Wrecks like the Gobernador Bories a Chilean registered steamer sunk in Burra Sound in 1915 is the one for the photographer, this wreck is just teaming with life. The large Ballen and Cuckoo Wrasse really do expect to be fed with sea urchins from visiting divers, honest if you don't feed them they'll bite you. The average depth of this dive is around 15 meters, and the viz well, check it out.

There are seven ships from the fleet which are S.M.S Kronprinz, Koing, Markgraf, Dresden, Brummer, Karlsuhe, and Koln.

There is a llot to dive and more than the German Fleet, from single cylinder air divers to deep mixed gas techie. Dive with the seals or a scenic drift around the Old Man of Hoy.

Extras on board

  • Nitrox and Trimix extra. For example;

Cylinder Hire Costs from Scapa Scuba £TBC

  • 15L Tank 
  • 12L Twinset 
  • 3L Pony 
  • 3L Pony with regulator 
  • 2L or 3L AP Rebreather DIL 
  • 2L or 3L AP rebreather 02 
  • 7L Stage (Ali 60) with carry straps 
  • 11L Stage (Ali 80) with carry straps 

Please pre-book cylinder hire in advance. If you have your own SS Bands this is another option of twinning two single same size cylinders. Tech and Rebreather courses available before or on trip and on request.

Flights from London to Kirkwall via Glasgow cost around £250 (2019 price).

Driving will involve 750 miles and then a ferry to Stromness 2 people share £211.40 (2023 Price). for van and 2 passengers.

We can take your dive kit up in the van for a fee - please reserve a place.

We will arrive on board Sunday 17th after 1pm, diving commences from the Monday 18th - Friday 22nd and depart 9am Saturday 23rd August (5 Days diving). We can then have a return flight on the Saturday 23rd late afternoon/evening or take the ferry from Stromness to Scrabster. Or stay in a B&B and enjoy Stromness for another day and then fly/Ferry. The dives on the last day will be scheduled to take into account of 24hrs or more before anyone fly's home.

www.divernet - SCAPA

ScapaMAP - The Scapa

Have a look at the pdf trip info and more photos.

Cruiser - Dresden - 35m
Cruiser - The Brummer - 36m
Battleship - The Kronprinz Wilhelm - 30m
Battleship Markgraf - 45m
Cruiser - The Koln 35m
Battleship - Koenig - 20m



5 Days diving inc 2 dives a day, air fills, and 6 nights twin share Self-catered Accomodation at Number 15 Divers Lodge


Non Club Members Rate Supplement


Non refundable Booking Fee


Please contact us for more details.

Specialy courses can be taught on trip i.e Deep, Wreck, Enriched Air, Peak Performance Bouyancy, Boat, Drift and many more.

We advice you to have completed either a scuba review with us or have completed several practice dives before this weekend trip.

Diver prerequisite: Advanced Open Water, with Deep, Drysuit and Enriched Air. We advise you take out holiday insurance too.

Have a look at the pdf trip info and more photos.