Due to COVID-19 we currently deliver Theory via Skype Presentations or via eLearning. We are teaching courses from Advanced Open Water upwards and many Speciality Courses. All qualified divers are welcome to join us for fun diving and practice.

C-Life Dive School

Celebrating quality and service for 24yrs 

Commercial Diving Projects

Examples of areas we can help you with;

  • Inshore projects - Jammed propellor from rope/nets, and underwater search & recovery projects
  • Other Inshore Projects - Docks, Rivers, Culverts Canals, Resevoirs, Tanks
  • Private Fish Pond - Drain blockage and clearing
  • Swimming Pools - Cleaning tiles and inspections
  • Lake maintenance - Removal of underwater rubbish, leaves, branches, search & recovery projects
  • Golf Course Ponds/Lakes - Search & recovery of golf balls