Due to COVID-19 we now deliver Theory via Skype Presentations or via eLearning. You can still book a course and we are still sending out materials by post or email links for eLearning. So get ahead of the rest and complete the Theory NOW.

C-Life Dive School

Celebrating quality and service for 24yrs 

Commercial Diving Projects

Examples of areas we can help you with;

  • Inshore projects - Jammed propellor from rope/nets, and underwater search & recovery projects
  • Other Inshore Projects - Docks, Rivers, Culverts Canals, Resevoirs, Tanks
  • Private Fish Pond - Drain blockage and clearing
  • Swimming Pools - Cleaning tiles and inspections
  • Lake maintenance - Removal of underwater rubbish, leaves, branches, search & recovery projects
  • Golf Course Ponds/Lakes - Search & recovery of golf balls