Basic Nitrox

Basic Nitrox Course (1 day)

The PSA Nitrox Diver Course is designed for those divers who wish to utilise enriched air (Nitrox) at oxygen concentrations up to and including 40% by volume (EAN40) as a breathing gas to the limit fo their sport diving qualification or 130fsw/40msw. There is no decompression diving on this course, but safety stops are required at 6m for 3mins.

Course Cost

PSA Basic Nitrox - £208 - 1 Day inc 2 Dives. Or £150 Theory based course ONLY.

Course Format

PSA One-day theory based course (2 dives recommended but not required*)

*PSA Instructors may waive the dives if he/she makes a written exception on the diver's record based on diving background and experience to maintain proper buoyancy and recognition of maximum operating depths.

Course content

  • History of Enriched Air Diving
  • Physical Principles of Enrcihed Air Diving
  • Physiological Principles of Enriched Air Diving
  • Equipment for Enriched Air Diving
  • Dive Planning
  • Methods of generating Nitrox
  • Using Nitrox


Open Water Diver, 15yrs old